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The main focus of this section is to introduce my upcoming Kickstarter campaign for the newest series of picture story books entitled The Pinewood Forest Adventures.
They are a series of six picture story books with a positive life lesson . Not preachy, but each with a storyline each of us will appreciate. For more information about the Kickstarter project please click on the KS logo in the middle or the button in the middle above all this.
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To all my visitors… Thanks Very Much for stopping in. I hope you enjoy what you see and please remember to go to the bookstore and to check out the Kickstarter campaign page. All the Best T.E.Watson FSA scot

Hello and Welcome!

In the day to day, we all have things we feel we must do to make our personal world a more enjoyable place for ourselves.
We go to work and we get our paycheck, and we make ourselves older and more stressed, because we have been talked into doing something we may not actually want to do. I have been asked many times," How can I become a writer?" by the likes of attorneys, doctors and many other professionals of various fields. In the end it all came down to the reality that those professionals are not fulfilled by what they are doing.

They need a break, at least, from their everyday routine. Although they too , can be writers and authors. They did not go to all that schooling for nothing. They should know something right?
Believe me there is not one thing wrong with needing a break, a vacation, a long term holiday from anything we do. Please understand I am not promoting a society of not needing attorneys or doctors and such.
I am promoting a life of self discovery. That is what makes us all have that desire to be fulfilled. To be happy with what we are doing with our lives , and knowing that we are doing what we are really supposed to be doing.

Happiness, fulfillment, gratitude, appreciation, and drive. Remember the words gratitude and drive. I will be talking about them again in more depth throughout the pages of this site later on.
These words are exactly what this site is about .

Welcome to the world of the Imaginician!
Thanks for coming by.

"To spark the imaginations of children is to help them begin a magical journey that will benefit them their entire lifetime!" T.E.Watson
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New Releases-

The Mountain

The Mountain

The third edition of what has turned out to be a very popular novel for middle readers between the ages of 11-14(about 5th through 8th grades, and surprisingly, adults are raving about this book) has just been released. This fantasy story is set in the wilderness of a mystical mountain environment where a boy named Thomas finds himself a part of a civilization unlike any he has ever known. Through one small act of kindness he becomes part of a much larger plan.The book is 200 pages, soft cover, illustrated, $13.95 ISBN 978-1-58478-0-106