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Welcome to the web pages of award winning author T.E.Watson FSA scot. This site is here to help you find his books, feel his passion for reading and writing, and learn the methods he uses to be successful in those topics, and if your school or organization would like, contact him for presentations.
T.E.Watson's has said that a perfect world would be one where children could have the opportunity to read whenever they wanted,enjoy what they are reading , and understand what they have read.

With the abilities that T.E.Watson has developed, he is able to help generate excitement about reading and writing, and to keep that excitement generating. His motivational skills when presenting to children of all ages is known the world over. With activities, specially crafted for every grade level, he is able to bring forward from the inner workings of each child's mind a world filled with imagination and wonder that reaches everyone around him.
When a child discovers they can do something well and feel great about what they have done, that feeling stays with them. It is what makes success that much more rewarding.

Happiness, fulfillment, gratitude, appreciation, and drive. Remember the words gratitude and drive. These are the foundations of what T.E.Watson achieves every time he gives a presentation, or simply speaks to a child or an adult on a one to one basis, about the magic of reading and writing
This is exactly what this site is about.

Welcome to the world of the Imaginician!

"To spark the imaginations of children is to help them begin a magical journey that will benefit them their entire lifetime!" T.E.Watson
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New Releases-

The Mountain

The Mountain

The fourth edition of what has turned out to be a very popular novel for middle grade readers between the ages of 11-14(about 5th through 8th grades, and surprisingly, adults too, are raving about this book) has just been released. This fantasy story is set in the wilderness of a mystical mountain environment where a boy named Thomas finds himself a part of a civilization unlike any he has ever known. Through one small act of kindness he becomes part of a much larger plan.The book is approximately 178 pages, soft cover, illustrated, $12.95 ISBN 978-1-58478-0-106, and is now available through and available on and available through this web sites bookstore.

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